1055 angel number meaning

1055 Angel Number: Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1055 brings a special meaning and energetic significance. Number 55 is one of the master numbers in numerology, and 1 followed by 0 is equally powerful. Let’s explore this in more depth.

1 and 0, the numbers of creation and space

All numbers originate from 0, a deeply feminine and powerful number. Number 0 gives birth to all other numbers and potent creative energies. 0 symbolizes primordial power, creation, life force, and the emptiness from which matter arises.

It is linked to the astral, spiritual, and subconscious realms, so it is symbolic of the divine and accessing our own power within.

Number 1 is the first masculine number associated with conscious action, vitality, wisdom, energy, and passion. People with life path 1, for example, are extremely positive and action-oriented.

They’re individual, original, innovative, and intelligent. They’re self-leaders who usually become their own bosses in life. 1 represents inner strength and perseverance, the ability to go after your goals and achieve, accomplish, and be victorious.

Angel number 1055 is therefore the perfect symbol of self-mastery. When combining the energies of 0- feminine and astral power- and 1, consciousness and vitality; with angel number or master number 55, we can discover some deep truths about ourselves.

Master number 55 symbolism

Angel number 1055 symbolizes a high vibration aligned to self-mastery. This number represents determination, a driven attitude, optimism, and a strong focus on self-development.

Angel number 1055 suggests you are high-flying and high-achieving, always wanting to succeed and attain victory in life. You’re bold, passionate, courageous, and largely live life on your own terms.

A force to be reckoned with, people with the 1055 angel number set the rules of their own life. They possess immense self-control and crave personal freedom. It is unlikely to see you held down and restricted.

In fact, you despise limitations and restrictions that don’t make sense to your Higher Self and soul. You are respectful, of course, always giving respect where it is needed and deserved. But illusions and ignorance of false authority and control are alien to you.

Passion and zest!

Angel number 1055 concerning number 55 meaning signifies considerable levels of passion, energy, enthusiasm, and life force. You are always looking toward the unknown and seeking to discover the next best thing.

Innovation, originality, and independence define this angel number. Yet, you’re also concerned with community and humanitarian themes.

Fearlessness, searching for new opportunities, being open to life lessons, listening to your inner voice, and maintaining an optimistic attitude even throughout the hardest times represent your personality.

If angel number 1055 has appeared on your path, you can expect to find awe-inspiring blessings and divine energy heading your way. It’s not a “mundane” or “normal” angel number- it’s very inspirational!


Angel number 1055 suggests finding joy and inspiration in the challenges. You may be a master alchemist, taking life’s most testing and challenging times and transforming them into pearls of wisdom.

Gold is to be found everywhere. Spiritually, gold is a symbol of higher consciousness, of the alchemist who knows that there is a perpetual flow and spiral of yin and yang. Light comes out of the darkness, in other words.

You see the positive in life and are completely committed to following your highest joy. But you are responsible and full of duty and self-accountability too; people with this angel number don’t tend to slack.

In other words, you’re not plagued by lethargy or laziness. You enjoy channeling your energy and inner wisdom into activities and pathways that can help, educate, and inspire others. You’re a leader who takes charge and knows how to command respect.


You don’t suffer fools gladly either! Your destiny and strong sense of purpose are often linked to the fearlessness you live by and display to others. People know not to mess with you, not because you’re aggressive or bullish, but because you possess evolved personal power and presence.

You usually fight for change, the underdog, or a cause greater than your own. Your whole identity is rooted in the service, wisdom, and inspiration you can provide for others.

In addition, you find ways to secure your own income. You’re self-sovereign, resourceful, autonomous, and very good with finances and practical responsibilities. Angel number 1055 suggests you like living a luxurious life, however, it’s always rooted in your connection with spiritual life.

Authenticity and self-actualization

With such strong personal charisma and courage and high self-esteem, you work very hard to achieve your goals. You’re a fierce believer in self-actualization, in taking the lessons of life and seeing the secret meaning.

You can find a strong connection with many people when you embrace your intuition and trust in a higher power, god, and the universe. Through seeing the positive messages in life and its challenges, you engage in processes of self-actualization.

55 is a lucky number symbolizing new beginnings, a connection to the divine realm, and spiritual freedom. You possess considerable freedom to follow your dreams and realize your aspirations.

This all comes from being authentic, honest, and committed to your spiritual journey. Although you can achieve great success and prosperity on the earth plane, you are mainly concerned with the difference you can make in the lives of others.

Inspirational energies

People with angel number 1055 as a personal angel number are devoted, inspirational, hard-working, and blessed with assistance from the ascended masters.

The message is to trust in your inner genius and try to be as creative, innovative, and positive as possible. Never let self-doubt or negative self-talk take over because this can have some serious negative impacts on your intuition and future.

You must keep your intuition energized and intact. Angel number 1055 is rooted in a strong intuition, and further choosing the right course and next life chapter is linked to a higher source of inspiration.

This may include a new venture, new projects, a soulmate partner (as opposed to a toxic or karmic partner), and soul calling. A new relationship may be on the horizon, or you could start to tune into the universe and its subtle energies and powers more.

By being open to daily reflection and self-realization, you create space inside to attract new cycles of growth. A new phase rooted in positive energy and blissful love life could be on the cards.

Or your love life might get a boost from the conscious and self-aware decisions you’ve made. People who close themselves off to learning and open-mindedness rarely evolve in life.

Angel number 1055 suggests major life changes and a good relationship with a significant family member or partner.

Assistance from your guardian angels

Spiritual guides and the messages conveyed in dreams are linked to angel number 1055 too. Be open to receiving universal energies and any secret message from the subconscious, astral, or ethereal realm.

Guardian angels are here to guide and inspire you when angel number 1055 crosses your path. Positive changes are in store, but you must be open to spiritual protection and influence.

In other words, don’t close yourself off to the mystical and spiritual powers of the universe. Work on your Third Eye chakra, which is linked to your Higher Self and psychic abilities.

Having angel number 1055 suggests you’re very sensitive, self-aware, kind, generous, and nurturing, in addition to being driven and determined. You thrive in a family, home, community, or business environment!

Based on 0 as the beginning number representing creation, you can take this angel number as a clear sign that you have a lot of hidden forces to work with…

Connecting to the ether opens doorways to discovering secret meanings of the universe, which can then be used for financial, spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical growth.

Faith and trust in god

Whether you believe in god, spirit, or any other subtle and invisible power, angel number 1055 is a good sign you have powerful protection, especially if you know you live a righteous and modest path.

Integrity is placed at a high value, and you may be in touch with your own inner “ascended master” yourself. The next phase of your life can be anticipated as inspirational and full of new and wonderful connections- you have all the blessings.

Angel number 1055 meaning also signifies being in tune with your inner Empress or Empress. The divine feminine and masculine energies want full expression, so you should look toward the Tarot for further guidance.

If you need to make a final choice about something and overcome indecision, call on your guardian angels and spirit guides. Perhaps find a recommended and respected Youtube channel that teaches you about the archangels.

Then, tune into your Higher Self to connect to the divine realm where inspiration, creative energies, wisdom, and advanced intuition are available.

Clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience

Now is the perfect time for a new venture that makes use of your spiritual gifts. Many people with angel number 1055 are destined to become spiritual teachers or healers.

You may have a range of psychic gifts to draw from, and a new relationship formed from shared spiritual resonance can bring about powerful transformation and auspicious opportunities.

To see, sense, feel, and hear above the realm of the five physical senses is a gift that should not be dismissed. Some people ridicule or undermine people with spiritual powers, yet the angel number 1055 meaning signifies rising in the face of adversity.

You may encounter some haters, cynics, naysayers, or people who want to attempt to put out your light and dull your sparkle. Keep going! Live with courage and don’t let anyone make you sacrifice your soul mission and greater purpose for their judgments or illusions.

A major change is on the horizon…

Finally, angel number 1055 symbolizes a major change in the form of a catalytic event. This event may be soul-shaking and ground-breaking but in a positive way.

You may have a spiritual awakening and meet other like-minded kindred spirits and soul-warriors. Stay positive, because positive influences appear in your life when you have attuned your inner vibration to a bigger picture frequency.

Humanitarian, charity, environmental, altruistic, and compassionate themes are strong as well. This angel number speaks of being of service to others, being genuinely helpful, and wanting to use your energy to uplift the vibration of humanity in some way.

Your future is set to be blessed by the angels, bathed in golden opportunities, and magnetized to magic, co-creation, and fabulous synchronicities.

Anything to be mindful of?

Angel number 1055’s shadow or negative energies include always seeking the next best thing, so being overzealous. This is something to watch out for.

You might become restless and therefore reckless in life, forgetting about commitments and important projects already began. Despite holding yourself accountable and believing in responsibility, you can be unreliable when enthused with so much excitement and enthusiasm.

You’re aware that there’s always something new to experience- the great unknown is a magical and miraculous place… Just remember to finish what you’ve started and honor the people, places, and projects you have an agreement.

Mindful and conscious communication is something to work on as well. Don’t take on a new project until you’ve finished every crucial step of a former one. Auspicious opportunities don’t come to those who have been proven to be unreliable and frivolous!

To Conclude

If angel number 1055 has made its way into your life, you can expect to be moving forward with the protection of the angels and guardian angels.

On a grounded level, all you need to do to ensure success is stay brave and committed, never compromising your soul’s greater purpose or higher mission for the mundane affairs of the 3D human world.

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