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Spiritual Meaning of Dream About A Church

Dreaming about a church is one of the more religious and spiritual dream meanings. There are several differing dream symbols and messages linked to a church dream, so remember to apply the wisdom to waking life.

A church dream symbolizes our need to go within to find ourselves; to explore our deepest yearnings and needs. There is always some spiritual or religious symbol and significance inherent within church dreaming.

This is one of the more in-depth and interesting articles, because there is a lot to cover.

Dream symbolism ‘rooted’ in imagery and practical/material reality

Empty church

To dream of an empty church is to suggest something is missing in your life spiritually. You may be craving kindred spirit connections, and friendships aligned to a platonic soulmate energy type of love.

Spiritual people tend to be big believers in soulmates, i.e. they’re aware that everyone has a soul, and this bond can connect people in the most beautiful of ways. soulmates can be platonic, romantic, sexual, or even family and animal bonds.

So, to dream of an empty church suggests you are missing companionship, intimacy, and authentic connections. You need a heart-to-heart connection in your life, and qualities such as empathy, generosity, and a connection to a higher truth may be missing. They need embodiment and integration.

Emptiness is simultaneously linked to the number 0 in numerology, which is symbolic of feminine energy and qualities. Oh yes, 0 is a number, despite what many people think. All numbers arise from 0.

0 is the primordial emptiness, the infinite space necessary for creation (+ co-creation) and all matter to arise. All sounds come from silence; all matter comes from emptiness. 0 gives rise to the number 1, the first masculine number representing action, assertion, energy, vitality, and a direct ‘dominant’ vibration.

An abandoned church is therefore a steer towards embodying feminine qualities. Other key feminine attributes to integrate include magnetism, nurturing, caring, compassion, instincts, intuition, empathy, gentleness, grace, and a connection to the astral and spiritual realms.

Furthermore, reflect on how this empty church made you feel. Contemplate the mood, tone, and overall vibe of the dream about church. Such a dream signifies your current mindset towards being alone…

This dream symbolizes whether you have found or can find your inner peace in loneliness, isolation, and solitude. Not everyone alone is lonely. We all have different preferences and needs, some of us are more social and extroverted and others are more introspective and introverted.

To be alone is to be “all one.” You may be being shown the true meaning of interconnectedness, and of being in tune with the great spirit where you are never truly lonely. The message could very well be that you must find peace in solitude.

We all have a holy temple within, our bodies are sacred vessels; we are sacred conduits and channels for the divine. Emptiness symbolizes inner serenity, peace, and stillness, and these qualities manifest as being truly content in your own skin. You can enjoy your own company.

Did you see a church altar in this abandoned church dream scenario? If so, this is guidance nudging you towards prayer and ritual. You can set up a shrine or sacred altar in your own home for meditation, prayer, sacred ritual (“light magic,” mantras and positive affirmations, etc.), and spiritual self-development.

Listen to the messages in the dream and take note of any other colors, imagery, objects, or people seen, and the mood sensed.

Full church

A full church signifies you either have or wish to have a lot of connections in your life. You’re likely very social, fun-loving, outgoing, and open-minded. This is especially true when the ‘dream tone’ (mood) gave a positive impression and feeling.

A full church helps you to access your inner needs regarding social and friendship connections in your life- business bonds too. Was there an overall feeling of color, unity, and high spirits? Was there a sense of togetherness, unity consciousness, and a group dynamic that flowed and merged harmoniously?

Or was there a sense of chaos and disparity? For the former church dream meaning you can find spiritual guidance into your innermost yearnings, needs, and desires. You clearly crave community and connection!

You are likely a very creative, artistic, and intelligent soul too, someone who thrives off of teamwork and shared passion projects or endeavors.

For the second church dream meaning, where there was a sense of chaos and distortion- separation, you are likely being provided insight into either: 1. your dislikes, perhaps you don’t like large crowds? Or, 2. a current real-life situation.

Everyday life is learned about in dreams. Receiving the impression that you don’t like large crowds implies that you may be suited to an introspective chapter right now. You may largely benefit from taking some time out for yourself, to engage in study, new educational or cultural pathways, or professional and spiritual development.

Distance yourself from the current stories in your life. Each person and relationship comes attached to a “story,” which is a specific set of rules, energetic agreements, exchanges, and frequencies.

Not all the stories in our life are good- we can sometimes be deceived or simply naive and innocent. If you’ve dreamed of a church filled with chaos, vibrations of separation, and noise, you might need to be distancing yourself for all the right reasons.

If the dream about a church has provided a direct insight or message into a current waking life situation, ponder what this dream means, how the dream reminds you of lessons learned in previous cycles, and how you can use the guidance to align with a spiritual path… Y

You can even examine your beliefs through the spiritual meaning of a church filled with noise and chaotic distractions!

Burning church

A burning church brings into the mix the element of fire. Fire is electric, dominant, positive, and associated with passion, action, and vitality. It is often linked to either the Sun and solar energy or masculine qualities & attributes.

Was there a feeling of calm and serenity, of peace and like all was well in the world? In this case, the burning church is a very good sign, and there is an inclination of peace and heavenly bliss on the horizon.

Fire in this respect cleanses, clears, and purges. It helps you to release the old to make space for the new; fire is transformation, further leading to positive alchemy. Alchemy occurs both within and around.

Also, a church on fire can help you establish or confirm a religious belief. This is a very symbolic dream. It’s a good sign that you are clearing any old, limiting, and self-destructive belief systems and thus allowing a fresh new mindset or ideology to emerge.

A church burning can reveal whether you’re on the right path. This dream warns that previous mindsets, behaviors, or religious beliefs might not have been too healthy. A purge is on order. Fire is purifying. The holy spirit works in mysterious ways, and yes, even with your subconscious mind in the dream space!

If the fire led to a destroyed church, collapsed church, or a white church being burned, the dream shows a different meaning. These dreams signify you need to test your faith and explore the current path you’re on.

Does it lead to spiritual enlightenment? Does it allow you to access your inner self? Or your truest desires and soulful needs?

You may need to reevaluate your religious beliefs. A church symbolizes our religious, spiritual, and moral beliefs holistically, so the church dream meaning will always have its root in one of these themes.

White is a symbol of purity, innocence, faith, spiritual illumination, and a connection to the holy spirit, or the Great Spirit if you’re not religiously inclined. A burning or destroyed white church implies that your own beliefs have been holding you back, or keeping blocked and stagnated.

Dreaming of a church in this manner could be pushing you onto a path or service and profession with more integrity, humility, and kindness. Perhaps you should let go of the material desires and excess greed, and realign with a more humble and pure path; such as one filled with helpfulness and heart-to-heart or spiritual connections.

Destroyed church

Similar to the above, a destroyed church suggests death and rebirth. Something in your life is being (or needs to be) released and let go of fully. This is the only way you can have a fresh start and begin your new chapter.

Even if you feel anxiety, fear, or apprehension about taking a leap of faith, do it. The universe rewards the brave-hearted. You can call on Jesus christ or any of your spiritual guides and helpers for assistance. This is actually advised with this dream meaning.

Destruction is not always positive, but death and rebirth (whether literal or metaphorical) lead to spiritual growth and emotional and psychological rebirth. Material and physical structures in your life are also possibly being given a burst of fresh new energy.

Were there burning candles present in this dream? To dream of a church destroyed with burning candles signifies one of two things. Either it’s the small details in your life contributing to chaos and destruction, in which case you need to take some time energizing all the small details in your life…

Or there are a number of, a few, or a significant amount of people causing havoc in your life. Burning candles symbolize details or individual people, in other words.

On their own, they can not cause a fire or destroy a building, like a big church, yet together there is considerable power to create a catalytic event. Meditate or contemplate on there being any false prophets in your life.

Do you have friends or colleagues close to you who present themselves as righteous, holy, sincere, and full of integrity- living the path they preach? Yet behind closed doors or when your back is turned they are the total opposite?!

This dream symbol helps to spill all your secrets and the secrets of others. It’s not necessarily a bad sign, but it does provide great insight into your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Church service

To dream of a church service is to shine a light on your religious faith, morals and ethics, and spiritual values. Church services symbolize spiritual and religious beliefs, therefore pay attention to the mood, emotions, vibe, tone, imagery, symbolism, and characters shown.

Such a dream is focused on the imagery, objects, and people shown- this is what provides the context and church dream meaning.

Attending church service with positive and happy emotions shows you are connected to your spiritual or religious nature. Being an observer provides a different dream meaning.

If you’re an observer who is looking on with disdain, distrust, or a sense of apprehension, it suggests you are not yet connected to your own faith. You have yet to integrate and embody a clear set of spiritual beliefs and practices to live by.

If you are neutral, you are perhaps being shown that you may begin a spiritual path in the near future. You’re still apprehensive or uncertain and are exploring your options. This church dream meaning implies that you are currently soul-searching, testing the waters, and remaining open to new possibilities.

If, however, you are an onlooker with a sense of wonder, awe, excitement, or inspiration, the dream symbolizes that you are about to embark on a new journey! You have to take steps to receive spiritual guidance and on your way towards spiritual illumination or enlightenment, or beginning a new path with holistic values.

Church Wedding

A church wedding is a very good sign of unity (unless there are bad feelings!). Religious ceremonies such as a church wedding symbolize togetherness, harmony, and celebration. You can expect all of these beautiful things in your life soon.

Dreaming of a church where there’s a wedding involved is a good sign that any feelings of separation, loneliness, or isolation will soon be overcome. Shortly, you can expect happiness, joy, laughter, intimacy, and lots of positive connections!

Rejoice and celebrate, because life is about to become abundant once again.

Church choir

Attending church service where there’s a choir is a wonderful sign of happiness and joy. Unity, music, and the spirit of collaboration are the dream messages here. This church dream meaning signifies very high spirits…

Prosperity, abundance, magical co-creation, and new opportunities are in divine order. A family member may soon be giving you a gift, or a stranger could surprise you with some key information to your prosperity.

Alternatively, you may be set to meet a new social or friendship group that introduces you to life-changing philosophies, activities, or pathways to your best self. Choir church dreams almost always signify the power of music and sound.

So, seek to expand your current musical practices. If you are not yet connected to this part of yourself, explore sound healing and research local sound healing groups or choirs in your local community. Sound and music are the keys to all of the above.

Old church

An old church in your dreams suggests you are in tune with ancient and primordial forces. You may slowly be opening yourself up to ancient energy, wisdom, and self-knowledge. There is deeply ancient energy associated with an old church, and it could be an inclination that you are an old soul.

In other words, part of your soul mission or destiny might be to create a legacy for others. This unique church symbolizes humanitarian, altruistic, and charitable themes; you may be someone with healing gifts or spiritual powers!

You may have a destiny to heal and help others through your light. Or through your sage-like wisdom.

An ancient-looking church with a dead person in it has a different dream meaning. This dream portrays that you are in tune with spiritual energies, including the realm of Spirit. It simultaneously suggests you may have spiritual gifts yourself, and could even be open to channeling and mediumship.

If you know that you are attuned to psychic, clairvoyant, or healing powers, take this dream as a positive dream omen. It is a good sign, so don’t be scared. The timelessness that comes with such a church signifies that you are someone with real-life telepathic, instinctive, and psychic gifts.

All you need to do is develop them, honing them to reach expert or master level. This dream can act as a catalyst to taking any gifts you do have to the next level. Are you ready to listen to the subtle signs of the universe?

Satanic church

A dark church with satanic energy is a sign of bad news, unfortunately. Death may be on the horizon, or you may soon hear news of someone passing away. There could be major destruction in your life or the life of someone close to you, such as a big ending, the collapse of a business, or some other significant security system going away.

If this is not the case, dreaming of a church with satanic or demonic vibrations suggests there’s been some dark magic at play. One of your connections, either directly or through association, has been doing black magic- dark spell work.

This is one of the most “evil” church dreams and fortunately is rare. All you need to know is that there is advanced spiritual protection surrounding you… Your subconscious mind and higher self are here to guide and support you.

Additional meaning is that you may be in a great moral dilemma. You might be presented with a choice soon, like a crossroads. You will need to make a decision.

To make the best conscious choice, consult your Higher Self guidance. If you are in contact with any angelic, ascended master, spiritual, or animal guide helpers, call on them to choose from a space of clarity and wisdom.

Spiritual symbolism of a dream about church

A church dream may represent the spiritual practices in your life or the lack of them! To dream of a church is a good sign that you are protected and supported. There are subtle and benevolent powers at play, and you are being given divine protection…

A spiritual journey

A general church dream suggests you should spend more time engaged in healing and holistic practices. Spiritual healing, shamanism, crystal therapy, and sound healing all apply here. A church symbolizes spirituality and holistic well-being, not just religion and Christianity.

In fact, many people are drawn to churches due to their powerful spiritual and healing energy, regardless of their religious beliefs. Dreaming of a church is a sign that you may need to detach from material reality, and get more in tune with your divine, infinite, and eternal nature.

Spend more time in nature. Work with herbs and essential oils, like exploring herbalism aromatherapy. The message is to detach from the distractions and worries of the material realm, thus becoming more in tune with your soul.

Consider how the objects and symbols used in a church altar can be applied in your own life. Make a shrine or altar at home with your favorite images, objects, and spiritual symbols. For example, place a picture of your family, lover, or spiritual deity on this altar or shrine.

Include the elements too, such as something for fire, earth, air, and water. Examples: a candle or an image of a phoenix, gemstones or seashells, or a leaf or symbolic flower; a feather or symbol of the scales (linked to the universal scales of justice), and something representing the sea or ocean, or an actual small bowl of water.

Include something for Spirit too- ether, which is not usually known as an element. Not only will an altar increase your receptivity to spiritual guidance, but it will amplify your faith in the universe, spirit, and god (whichever higher power you believe in). Also, it will open portals and cosmic doorways to understanding your church dream meanings better!

Your religious beliefs

Church dreaming also symbolizes your religious beliefs. When we dream, our inner yin and yang energies open and expand. Yin is feminine, passive, magnetic, receptive, and linked to the energy and qualities of the Moon…

Yang is masculine, dominant, electric, action-oriented, direct, forceful, bold, and connected to the energy of the Sun. Yin is essentially the subconscious mind due to its link to astral and spiritual energy and wisdom, while yang is symbolic of the conscious mind.

Dreams are a gateway to our souls and psyches, yet they simultaneously enhance our connection to yin, which is often lacking in waking life. The more you work consciously with your dreams, the more you can tune into the subtle and subconscious realms for meaning & insight.

Specifically, regarding what a church dream means, it’s important to explore your religious beliefs and impressions of ‘faith’ holistically. It is therefore suggested to heal and work with your crown chakra.

Your crown chakra opens you up to cosmic consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, faith, purity, innocence, and a connection to both the angelic realms and the great spirit.

An awakened crown chakra (“energy wheel” in Sanskrit) is what helps to activate your third eye, which is the energy center linked to spiritual insight, psychic abilities, subtle perception, and intuition. Also, access to the dream states!

This in turn increases the energy flow of life force, which is also known as universal life force energy or chi, through your chakras. The throat chakra- communication, truth, self-expression, and heart chakra- empathy, unconditional love, tolerance, patience, and self-love; are awakened with a healthy crown chakra.

If you aren’t already studying the chakra system I would suggest looking into it. Kundalini energy is essential for vitality, longevity, and connecting to your creative, sensual, and spiritual self.

Overall, you should consider how dreaming of a church is a powerful symbol and a very good sign in itself.

Beliefs about the holy spirit or Jesus christ

Further, dreaming about a church means you may have a strong tie to Jesus christ or the holy spirit. You don’t have to be Christian to dream about a church, but you may be considering taking up a Christian path or adopting Christian values.

Dreaming of a church with a symbol of Jesus is a subconscious message that you could be connected to a powerful lineage of ascended masters, or a shamanic tradition. Spirit is non-judgmental. Spirit recognizes we are all one, and we should not be separated by illusions or disconnection.

Regardless of whether you’re a religious person, shaman, healer, or atheist, christ is available to us. Seeking to become a better person is integral to this dream, therefore you may want to consider making small but significant changes in your life.

I advise:-

  • Becoming plant-based, vegan, or vegetarian, or taking steps to eat less meat and dairy. Compassion for all animals is part of being a good person!
  • Meditating on compassion… embodying greater empathy for yourself and others.
  • Visiting churches in waking life to connect to the spiritual energy. Feel the power of the divine flow through you. You can also visit other sacred places of worship for the same effect.
  • Engaging in some charity, humanitarian, or environmental work. Even donating a few hours of your time a week is enough to amplify your connection to a good-natured spirit.
  • Finding ways to become more: kind, generous, modest, harmonious, loyal, reliable, responsible, dutiful, and helpful. Amplify service, sincerity, and integrity, and let the love flow.
  • Reading poetry like Rumi or other spiritual poets.
  • Setting a gratitude prayer or intention every day. Gratitude is a powerful vibration that expands self-awareness and increases your blessings, which allows you to enter into a harmonious flow of “giving-receiving.”

To conclude

This is one of the more interesting articles, simply because there is so much to cover. Dreaming of a church is a powerful and even mystical experience in itself- you may have dream symbolism rooted in practical wisdom and imagery or something more ethereal and spiritual. Stay open to the subtle vibrations of the mystical and physical universe, as both are real.

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