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Dream About A Hurricane: Symbolsim and Message

This is one of the more interesting articles on dreams, as to dream about a hurricane means several things. Hurricane dreaming signifies change is on the horizon… This change may be positive or negative, but you can be assured there will be some transformational moments upcoming!

Waking life and inherent themes, life events, and pathways to enlightenment are discovered through dreams. So keep this in mind when reading through the various meanings of hurricane dreams.

Hurricane Symbolism: Main dream symbols

Clearing the past

Letting go of emotions, cleansing and clearing the past, including tricky emotions and baggage, and looking deep into your psyche is part of the hurricane dream symbolism. A hurricane is not necessarily a bad omen, it can also represent positive change and alchemy.

This is essentially clearing old emotions, mindsets, belief systems, and thought patterns to make space for a brighter future. Also, clearing physical systems, attitudes, and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Glancing into the past through dreams is always a helpful message about what you’re still holding onto, things that may be holding you back. Or blocking you and creating barriers to self-development, forward movement, and evolution.

A hurricane that wreaks havoc may suggest there are things stored deep within that you literally need to pull up, and then release. Meditation, self-therapy, sound healing, spiritual self-development, and working with crystals, essential oils, and plants or herbs are all advised. Ground yourself through healing with the energies of the earth.

If you are caught in a hurricane in your dream, directly inside the hurricane, you need to examine any potential chaos and drama you may have consciously or unconsciously gotten swept up in…

In a whirlwind, inside the hurricane

Continuing from the last point, drama, chaos, and the mind-games and manipulations of others may be an unconscious part of your life. It’s important to take some time to detach from people, environments, and relationships so that you can evaluate what’s really occurring.

A lot of things happen in the background, behind the scenes, and thus not in the forefront of consciousness. Being caught in a hurricane suggests you are currently pulled into another person’s BS, essentially. You must distance yourself and be prepared to question everything you think you know about a person or situation.

Not everyone is sincere or kind in this life, unfortunately. Some people pretend to be your friend or pose as a fan, supporter, or close loving bond, yet in secret, they do not have your back. They may appear to be in your boat, but they’re throwing rocks inside to sink it when you’re not looking!

Dreaming of being inside the hurricane implies that you are either inside a whirlwind of drama or negativity or playing a role in your own downfall. Not to worry, however. Even a hurricane destroying things, including your own self-worth, confidence, or sense of grounding and centeredness, can bring healing and self-expansion.

Destruction births creation; chaos gives rise to peace and order, least to mention knowledge and self-awareness. Higher awareness, insight, and wisdom lead to you being able to make conscious decisions and changes in waking life.

Healing from past wounds and trauma

When a hurricane hits your dream space, it’s a sign that you need to heal from past wounds and trauma. Wounds and trauma are stored on a deep cellular level- we’re often unconscious of it. Pain gets buried over time, and- unfortunately- beneficial practices like spiritual healing, meditation, and sound therapy are not yet an integrated part of society (at least not in the West).

Dream interpretation involves seeing from a holistic and spiritual perspective, and this means looking at how the dream meaning and symbolism affects your personal life; your real life. If a hurricane killed people, i.e. you directly witness the hurricane killing people, this signifies the theme of death.

On a positive note, death brings rebirth. Death is not solely symbolic of physical death, it can also represent metaphorical death. For example, death of the ego, or death of outgrown chapters, life cycles, beliefs, relationships, places, environments, etc.

When a hurricane destroys houses, structures, neighboring buildings, towns, or cities, it’s a message that old systems are being uprooted. Your psyche is clearing the old to make space for new beginnings. Fresh starts are on the horizon, but first, you must let go, release, and clear. A difficult period might be in store, yet this is totally necessary for your beautiful new beginnings.

Believe it or not, even the most unpleasant events are our greatest catalysts for growth and blissful living. Finally, getting unexpectedly trapped in a hurricane might suggest that there is something from your childhood creeping up on you, or about to.

Revisiting your childhood

If the hurricane approaching in your dream is about to wreak havoc, your emotions are being brought to light. The feelings and sensations you experience in the dream will tell you a lot about how you’ve been affected by your childhood.

We all have trauma, to varying degree. Trauma doesn’t have to be severe, only associated with the really horrific events in life (death, tragedy, abuse…). Trauma also symbolizes how our emotional and psychological or spiritual needs weren’t met in childhood. For instance, having a parent with a completely different parenting style to what you needed.

Expect powerful realizations and epiphanies to come to you. Hurricanes represent a range of hidden and subtle factors, like astral, spiritual, emotional, mental, psychological, and physical influences… karmic, collective, individual, personal, primal, and ancestral themes too. There are many things to consider.

Your power in the waking world stems from how willing you are to “do the work.” This is a phrase given to shadow work, spiritual healing and self-development, and going within to explore yourself on a deeper level.

Remember that we are mind, body, & spirit; hurricane dreams show us what we have yet to heal, what is still unresolved from our childhood or family upbringings.

Consider any negative feelings that come with your hurricane dream, because this will shine a light on the specific area you need to contemplate. If there are people affected, you can learn even more, as specific dream characters show you what type of relationships or events you need to examine.

A reoccurring dream about a hurricane suggests you have pushed something down deep into the depths of your subconscious mind. You must heal now and stop repressing or rejecting what needs to come up. You must go in and through to come out and up, this is the dream meaning of a hurricane.

Lifestyle change

Hurricanes in dreams symbolize a change in your financial situation, and also personal, romantic, family bonds, and career changes. It could symbolize the need for a major diet or lifestyle change, or even a house move. Perhaps the people you live with are not healthy, and you need to move house to maintain greater harmony…

Hurricanes often evoke fear, but fear can be positive if we’re willing to evolve towards alchemy. Alchemy is taking a bad situation, bad luck, or seeing the lesson in it. This enables you to empower yourself and develop the self-authority, confidence, and self-esteem to positively change your life.

It’s no doubt that hurricane dreams evoke powerful emotions, sometimes negative and dark and sometimes light. Either way, to dream of a hurricane is to know that the universe, your higher self, and your subconscious mind have your back. You’re protected. You’re divinely guided.

Further, the hurricane dream meaning shows that there are consequences to every action or inaction. Our thoughts, intentions, beliefs, daily exchanges, and actions influence the type of karma we reap. Rewards come to those who live with grace and dignity, with integrity and kindness.

A genuine heart combined with good deeds goes a long way. But if we play dirty, engage in mind-games and manipulation, trickery and deceiving others, we won’t be able to reap bountiful rewards. Hurricanes portray how our current situation is defined by the sum of the consequences of previous actions.

You should research the ‘Law of Cause and Effect’ if you wish to discover more. This is one of the Hermetic Principles, which is also known as a Universal Teaching or Universal Law. Be careful of falling into self-denial, however. Exploring the effects of natural destruction- our misdeeds and darkness within- requires total self-honesty and accountability.

A precognitive message?

One of the negative meanings of a hurricane dream is that it could be a warning sign. The destruction association could literally be a warning about natural disasters, an approaching hurricane, or a hurricane heading towards you or someone you love. This is rare, so please don’t go on high alert.

It’s just a possible dream meaning. Many of us have spiritual and clairvoyant gifts, so we can pick up on events happening on a collective scale. Precognitive and psychic powers are available to us in dreams. Such dreams may signify an upcoming natural disaster, or natural disasters (plural) happening close to you or around the world.

Be open to your own emotions surrounding the event, while simultaneously maintaining a connection to your higher mind, higher self, and intuition. Both logic and inner spiritual guidance are called for when making sense of this type of hurricane symbolism.

Connect to both your logical, analytical, and rational mind, and your intuitive, spiritual, and holistic one. Why? Well, this will help you to determine whether the dream is, in fact, based on some extrasensory power or metaphorical.

A relationship upheaval

Destruction associated with a hurricane lets you take control of any relationship in daily life you need to take control over. A hurricane lifting objects signify that you need to rise higher, transcending egotistical desires. You must be open to evolving past material blocks and limitations.

Ask yourself if anything is holding you back in the physical realm, such as unhealthy attachments. Unhealthy attachments can become toxic, and they can be relationships, work connections, family bonds, romantic partnerships, behaviors, and mindsets.

A new life is ready and waiting for you once you commit to a path of self-mastery. Self-evolution too, ‘aka’ a willingness to overcome self-limiting and self-sabotaging cycles. This is often rooted in material attachments and destructive cycles in the 3D realm.

Financial problems

To dream of a hurricane is to see what the future holds in terms of your financial situation. A hurricane is not always a bad sign- it may also be providing insight into how chaotic events may cause upheaval so that you can attract better prosperity.

The key is that you hold all the power, even when you’re being pulled into a whirlwind of chaos and drama. Your feelings are valid too, therefore don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t become the person you’ve always dreamed to be. You’re worthy of financial abundance, prosperity, and future success or self-alignment.

The hurricane dream meaning might show you the person you’re destined to become, or how your future is bathed in victory, accomplishment, stardom, or good fortune. To discover this, take note of the feelings and imagery or specific objects shown in the dream.

Specific objects will tell you what you need to let go of to receive prosperity, through the feelings you experience whilst observing them getting pulled into the hurricane’s current. Some things just cause us heartache and codependency, and we may become clingy and possessive, which prevents authentic and deep human bonds (healthy relationships) from forming.

Simultaneously, you may be shown key insight into what is of value, and what you should be holding onto. An example: your house gets pulled into the hurricane’s spiral, and your instinct is a sense of dread and doom. This hurricane symbolism portrays that you should value your home and house, and not see it as a hindrance.

In other words, material possessions, security, and feelings of safety and comfort are a path to your blessings.

On the other hand, consider a dream where your house is pulled into the hurricane and it fills you with lightness, with a feeling of liberation… This dream suggests your home may be limiting you and preventing your freedom. Maybe you have too many possessions, or simply need to travel more and break free of excessive routines?!

There are many vibrations and angles of dream interpretation.

Recurring dreams might signify that you are set to have many Tower moments in your life or at least one significant one. You should consult the Tower tarot card for further symbolism here.

Welcome changes

Finally, the ‘dream about hurricane’ meaning signifies that any and all destruction can lead to a better, brighter, and more self-empowered future. Regardless of the specific dream message, hurricanes symbolize chaos leading to growth.

They equally represent change, transitions, movement, and significant life chapters. Everything in life involves movement, a constant ebb & flow of energies. It doesn’t matter if there is a real hurricane coming, in real life, or if your dream is solely a portal into your psyche and inner yearnings.

A hurricane means rebirth and positive alchemy. A powerful quote to apply to the hurricane meaning and symbolism is by Nikola Telsa, the well-known and respected inventor and evolutionary:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

To conclude…

To dream of a hurricane means that there is an inevitable ending and transition in your life, however with destruction comes new beginnings. Always remember to record any vivid and important dreams in a dream journal or diary, and seek to enhance your dream experience by playing some binaural beats before sleep.

Also, enhance sleep quality by turning off all electronic devices including artificial lighting. Dreams require the most natural environment, so take the steps to receive the magical wisdom and insights available to you!

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