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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Work? 

Dreams are a powerful portal to your subconscious mind, and to the deep insight, wisdom, and guidance that can be found there. They are a direct link to your shadow self, the ‘darker’ and ‘less desirable’ attributes that can be discovered in dreams.

They’re also here to show us unique symbolism. This includes dream meanings, imagery, self-knowledge, and key wisdom into our emotions, relationships, psychological needs, health, well-being, and life trajectory.

Dreams show us and help us make sense of our life path, if we’re on the right course or not. They are incredible “free’ self-help and personal development guides, if you’re open to them… Let’s explore the dream interpretation of dreams about work.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Work? 

To dream about work is to be shown key insights into your work ethos and current state of mind. The following dreams about work meaning apply to dreams that are mainly physical, or practical. I.e. rooted in real life with a work related or current career meaning.

In these dreams, there’s little to no emotional involvement- there’s little emotional cues to suggest the overall mood or vibe of the dream. 

You’re a hard-worker!

You’re a hard worker and are very practical. You like to stay committed, self-aligned, and disciplined, working hard towards some ultimate goal. You may have big visions too.

The dream message is that you’re determined to succeed, achieve success, and create financial prosperity and security. Dreaming about work may suggest that you find comfort in working hard, and that you’re incredibly responsible and reliable.

You may be dutiful, a provider, and full of responsibility and physical strength. You could also be a wonderful manifestor, knowing how to attract new opportunities and clients.

Simultaneously, you could currently be dreaming up (in waking life) new income and work opportunities. Remember that your subconscious mind is your friend and faithful companion. It is always available to tune in to show you potent messages and insights into your life path, destiny, or anything else you ask about. 

You’re motivated

Being motivated in a dream may add the extra dimension of psychological and emotional (or even spiritual) insight. Motivational qualities suggest you have an emotional and personal involvement in your work, i.e. you’re not just working for money.

If you feel tired or stressed in the dream, remember to engage in self-care, rest and relaxation. If the dream shows you over-working, repeating the same work task repetitively, this signifies you need to take it easy and slow down.

If, however, you are full of energy and positivity, not getting tired or stressed out at all, the meaning and symbolism is different. This type of dream implies you are full of zest, vitality, and maybe even inspiration. You should continue on your path if you have the motivation…

You’re disciplined 

You’re disciplined and devoted, and may even love what you do for a living. This is true when there are no negative feelings or emotions, and when the mood or tone is either neutral or positive. 

Look out for signs like any specific colors making their way into the dream scenario. If you’re metaphysically inclined and experienced with Tarot, you may see yourself as one of the Pentacle cards, working hard with gold coins surrounding you. 

This is an extremely positive dream omen suggesting you’re on the right path. Keep working hard- stay devoted and disciplined, because gold (wealth, prosperity) is at the end of the tunnel.

Perhaps you are on a farm or land project, as part of some bigger vision community… This dream scenario implies you have humanitarian values, and your work is a way to create positive and lasting change for future generations. Or simply for your family, whilst “giving” back to the earth. 

Have you forgotten something?

One dream ‘warning’ message associated with dreaming about work is that you may have forgotten something. This is specifically true when there is no emotional warmth or depth, which would provide insight into your character. 

You may be under stress or highly charged at the moment. If your work makes its way into your dream, your subconscious mind may be suggesting to you that you’ve been so busy- or are currently so busy, that there’s something you’ve neglected to do.

Pay attention to the signs, images, sounds, words or conversations, objects, and overall symbolism in a ‘purely practical’ dream. The message is likely rooted in the material and practical world.

Dreaming About Work With Close Relationship Bonds

When there are close relationship bonds included in the dream scenario, this has a unique meaning. This type of dream message suggests there is a deeper message and dream meaning to learn. 

Family, friendship, or love bonds being present in the dream scene or scenario signifies your emotional involvement. Also, your feelings and intentions, desires, and motivations for working hard.

This specific dream symbolism says, ‘I want to work hard to provide for my partner or family.’ It implies a strong level of you being a supporter, provider, and protector. This is a very positive dream sign when exploring yourself, or using dreams as a pathway to self-mastery.

You can discover your internal motivations and driving forces, such as that you are caring, nurturing, and supportive. You’re likely a gem of a partner, friend, or parent!

This is, of course, when the feelings in the dream are positive- there’s a vibration of warmth and connection. When there are distorted or bad feelings, or when the dream message is negative, this suggests the following.

Bad feelings?

Your friends and family might be limiting your progress and self-development, or stopping you from achieving your goals and dreams. Your goals, aspirations, and professional ambitions are important, so take note of how they make you feel. 

For example, any feelings of tension or distortion (negative energy) can be interpreted as your family or friends limiting either your: independence, self-autonomy, financial flow, self-esteem associated with work, or ability to provide for yourself.

It’s important that you are self-reliant and can support yourself. So, even if you have other commitments, family bonds, or a relationship that takes up a lot of your time; or have multiple opinions from various people, listen to your own inner voice.

Your professional life and social status are just as important as your personal life and intimate connections! Honor both, cherish the connections in your life, and try to step into self-autonomy while not steering away from deeper bonds with friends and family. 

Other Specific Dream Scenarios Regarding Work Life

Searching for work

Job searching is a potent message to stay open-minded and look out for a sign about which path to take. There are infinite possibilities available in this world, the universe is an abundant and benevolent thing!

If you’ve dreamed about searching for work, you are in store for some blessing, a new income opportunity, or a new job. If you’re self-employed you may soon be receiving more clients. The type of work you’re searching for can also showcase insight into your current life, into waking life.

For example, dreaming of working in an office implies you are suited to a more traditional workplace. Like working a 9- 5 to provide structure and security, and greater financial flow.

Yet dreaming of a workplace that is colorful and full of creativity, imaginative outlets, and more relaxed or laid-back people would suggest you need to connect to your other hemisphere. This is the right brain, which is more intuitive and musical (imaginative and “free flow”) than logical and analytical.

A new career opportunity

People from your past might make their way into your dream. When you wake up, notice what instantly comes to mind. A dream expert or dream analyst calls this dream recall, and it’s essentially making a conscious note to remember all the symbolism and vivid imagery from sleep.

If you dream of you being a boss, your Higher Self is telling you that you’re suited to a leadership position. You hold great personal power, authority, and responsibility. If, on the other hand, you dream of working for a boss, you may be more suited to being a worker bee of society. There is nothing wrong with this!

Most people have a life path that allows them to simply earn a living. But, you should take note of dreams, or any recurring dream specifically, of creative inspiration.

Creative inspiration, an artistic job

You access your inner super powers through dreams, and a work dream that involves artistic inspiration, creativity, and a highly charged, positive, and electric energy is a positive dream sign. You may be suited to connect and work with like-minded people; there’s such a thing as kindred spirits in the workplace.

If you’re wanting some higher guidance and inspiration, meditate before sleep. Listen to some binaural beats, and make sure you turn off all artificial lighting. Perhaps just have a candle or some natural moonlight shining through your window. This will really help you access both dream recall and awaken memories within.

Also, improving your current situation in terms of the best environments for dreams will awaken your creative right brain. Not all jobs are supposed to be mundane or solely for money. We each have our own unique paths to walk.

You can further overcome any fear around earning money, starting a new job, or switching to a more fulfilling career through improving how you sleep; getting a good night’s sleep, ultimately.

Job switch

Leaving a current job for an old job is a sign that you are on your way up in the world. You should be mindful of your social status and public persona or image. How do people see you? Are you living with integrity, honor, and good morals? The old must be released for the new to enter.

Of course, if there is anxiety around this hob switch, it may not be so positive. You will need to explore the messages and emotions you feel in real life- in the real world, to determine what the hidden message is. Pay attention to any authority figures in your work related dream too.

Worst case scenarios…

A sex dream in the workplace might suggest that there is an unhealthy power dynamic going on. There is likely some invisible, subtle, or hidden sexual tension or exchange, that is unconscious and keeping you stuck or stagnated. Regardless of whether you’re the boss or work for someone, you need to be careful of power imbalances.

Common dreams that are equally negative are ones where you need to give a big presentation, are running late, or are missing something but really can’t pinpoint what.

These aren’t major nuisances, you just need to do some reflection and contemplation upon waking to really explore what is the issue. You might just be suffering from minor anxiety or stress, or simply need to engage in more rest, relaxation, meditation, and self-care.

Imagine yourself bathed in white light, or sitting inside a beautiful radiant diamond. This will help to spark subconscious wisdom and spiritual guidance into what it is you need to remember or do.

To Conclude

Always listen to the overall dream vibe, mood, tone, and emotional, psychological, physical/material, and spiritual impressions the dream scenario shows. There is so much wisdom to be found, if you’re open to it… Never stop dreaming, even if the messages are “dark.” There is much light to be found in the darkness concerning work dreams.

Dreaming of work has several possible messages and routes or pathways to self-development and growth. Stay aware of all the colors, sounds, symbols, imagery, and also feelings provoked. These will provide further meaning and insight into what the dream is trying to tell you. 

Work dreams can also be consulted with a professional dream analyst. Real life is rooted in the dream space- they really aren’t that separate. Stay open to the psychological union between waking life hours and dream time.

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