dream about someone trying to kill me

Dream About Someone Trying to Kill Me

To ‘dream about someone trying to kill me’ is to show that there is danger in your life. This is one of those warning dreams where the symbolism and message could apply to real life.

For example, there is an upcoming event in either the next few weeks or months, or even potentially years, that will affect you. Someone trying to kill you represents a death of the ego or a metaphorical death in your life. Let’s explore this further.

Dream meaning 1: Death of the ego

To dream about someone trying to kill you symbolizes the death of the ego. Quite literally, you are being shown that there is an ego death coming up, a situation or series of events where destruction leads to rebirth.

Destruction, disaster, chaos, or a major ending are all doorways to spiritual growth. Also, to awakening, illumination, and new beginnings.

This may sound like quite a serious dream- death is never instantly seen in a positive light. but this dream meaning brings the deeper message of death leading to rebirth, alchemical transformation, and personal growth.

We can’t get anywhere in life if we remain stagnant in life or keep repeating toxic cycles. To dream about someone trying to kill me is a sign that there are certain limiting beliefs and self-destructive cycles that are no longer serving you.

Something needs to change; there needs to be a “death” for fresh space and energy to be created. This allows the new to emerge.

You need to be evaluating current behaviors, mindsets, and daily routines. Each routine and action in waking life creates our personalities, also determining our course of action and future alignment.

We often pick up unconscious habits and actions along the way. We equally get absorbed into the stories of others, succumbing to other people’s expectations, and not fully recognizing how other people may be contributing to our low self-esteem.

Also, recurring dreams of someone trying to kill you (or someone else) suggests a cycle has been on longer than it should have, and it really can’t go overlooked anymore.

Stop pushing subconscious insights and guidance below the surface. Be courageous at looking at what needs to be addressed. Such a dream represents the steps you need to take to become bold and fearless in your journey towards self-mastery, or spiritual growth in general.

There are different sub-topics to this first dream meaning. Developing your intuition is key to all of them; let’s explore these now.

A family member trying to kill you

If a family member is trying to kill you, the dream suggests there is some manipulation and deception at play. Someone in your family may not have your best intentions, and you need to be mindful of any foul play or trickery occurring behind the scenes.

Ground and protect yourself. Take some time to retreat, meditate, and contemplate away from everyone else. Consider spending more time in nature. Go on a spiritual or silent retreat.

It’s essential to detach so you can begin to see clearly, using your intuition and seeing through illusions.

Become aware of any hurt you may be experiencing and also how you give away control. A dream like this is a sign that you may have been under a narcissist’s spell, or something similar, and are only now becoming conscious of it.

Release yourself from all obligations and any passive agreement you may have unconsciously entered into. Not doing so out of self-destructive loyalty will only cause more harm in the future.

A family member may have high hopes for you, yet these aspirations are not aligned with your true path or what is best for you. Adopt a mature approach if needing to have a difficult conversation, and establish clear loving boundaries.

You can minimize stress by agreeing to respect yourself and show respect to your family simultaneously. Choose peace, not war, but do recognize there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

A friend or peer trying to kill you

If you’ve dreamed of a friend killing you, you might need to do some light or in-depth research into the current relationships in your life.

I have recently learned the hard way that not all “friends” are “friends.” I had a few (real) narcissists and heartless, mean-spirited, and insensitive characters in my circle, who didn’t have my best interests at heart.

This is what happens when you grow older, you develop the maturity and wisdom that comes with age and experience.

If a dream feels very real, for instance, if it’s vivid and you wake up with a gut feeling of it applying to real life; consider doing some deep introspection. Your subconscious mind and conscious mind in waking life are interlinked.

In fact, they are completely connected, therefore a lot of what we see during sleep is based on real events, energy exchanges, and situations.

Someone trying to kill could be a literal meaning- you may literally have a friend trying to destroy you. They may be doing black magic on you or simply sending you some not-so-loving nor pure wishes.

They may present themselves as your friend but are in reality wearing a social mask. Such a person may be putting on a facade due to envy, greed, or jealousy of your beauty, success, fortune, etc.

If you see a friend with an ‘other acquaintance,’ someone you don’t know, perhaps, look out for key signs in your social and friendship group. I don’t want to bring the bearer of bad news, but there may be a group of people working against you.

A colleague or boss trying to kill you

If you dream of someone trying to kill you in the workplace you need to get in tune with your feelings. The mood and tone or vibe are everything. You may see a boss or colleague or you may not see anyone at all, just feeling a dark and disturbing presence…

Are you trying to escape someone? Is someone chasing you? Is there just a looming feeling of death, and do you feel a strange presence and shadow hunting you down?

This could mean either some dark energy or force is trying to prevent you from receiving success, material wealth, prosperity, a promotion, or a new job or client. Or you need to find a faster solution to something in the workplace.

You may be afraid of losing your job, a job change, or someone else taking away your position. Alternatively, the dream could suggest there is some subconscious shadowy force preventing you from being your best self.

Again, death is not symbolic of physical death, including endings; it can refer to emotional, psychological, or spiritual destruction.

Dream meaning 2: Actual death or an ending

In some cases, you may be having a precognitive or psychic dream. This is perhaps true with people with a strong animal instinct, clairvoyant or spiritual gifts, and well-advanced psychic abilities.

You might be seeing into the future of a loved one or friend, or someone you don’t know. Such dreams don’t always have to represent someone you know, you could simply be observing a stranger’s fate in the dream space.

All of our lives are connected because we are a collective conscious entity. Oneness is a real phenomenon, i.e. all humans are connected through a holographic web. The quantum field is real.

So to dream of someone trying to kill someone could very well be an advanced form of foresight, premonition, or precognitive ability. When these dreams happen the only thing you can do is find peace.

Sending healing thoughts out into the ether. In waking life, set an intention for compassion and universal love for whoever needs it. Do a quick meditation or prayer and let the universe know you are a beacon of love.

The spiritual symbolism of someone trying to kill you

A killing dream implies that all is not well in your world. There is hidden danger and you could be on the wrong path. Physical endings are not certain, so you don’t need to panic or live in fear.

However, there is set to be an ending of some sort. This could be 2 weeks or 2 years into the future- it might even be 12 years away, at a much later date in your journey and timeline.

The positive sign of this is your subconscious mind has your back! You are being given warnings and subtle messages, therefore this dark death dream is a really good message…

Without wisdom and awareness, you cannot make significant changes. Ignorance is not bliss, so don’t ignore the dream message.

There might be someone chasing you in real life, which symbolizes a neglected responsibility or commitment. A financial arrangement, practical obligation, project, or partnership may have been overlooked.

Something is forgotten about and obligations not fulfilled may lead to someone trying to kill you in your dream. This is a symbolic meaning of real-life experiences affecting your psychological state and dreaming patterns.

Such dreams are a deep inner soul calling to gain control of your life and escape from something harming your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Physical limitations and restrictions

3D limitations and restrictions could make you feel trapped or you might be feeling suffocated in real life. Death-related dreams are rarely a positive omen, but at least they provide you with wisdom and guidance to change your course.

You might be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from a horrible event. If this is the case, pay attention to the subtle signs and objects, mood, or imagery the dream presents.

Ask yourself how the dream made you feel, whether there was a key object you were meant to observe and if any conversations with dream characters took place.

Feeling trapped in the dream itself suggests you are holding onto some suppressed emotions which need to be released. Don’t be afraid to go deep within, exploring your true feelings. Be honest with yourself and your feelings.

Stressful situations in both dreams and waking life open doorways to your highest potential. They allow you to work through the discomfort and tension and rise to become the best version of yourself.

Have no shame in accepting tricky emotions or thoughts, as this is what is needed for true healing and catalytic change. Transformation doesn’t occur through self-denial, repression, or letting the fear of change overcome us.

You must first acknowledge and then accept, embrace, and work with. This will help you to overcome bad luck and fear, stress, or concern of any kind.

Specific dream symbols

If you’ve dreamed of a pointed gun this signifies someone is trying to blame you for something. They’re shifting responsibility and are attempting to deny accountability, and further, pass the blame onto you.

If you feel afraid in this dream, you need to address your fears and anxieties surrounding the situation. Be honest with yourself.

If you feel no fear and have responded calmly or not reacted at all, simply continue to be yourself, continue with your self-care or spiritual practice. You don’t need to worry, as you’re divinely protected.

If you dream of being killed or nearly killed by a sharp edge of any type, the dream implies you’re losing control of a relationship, connection, or situation. Regain strength and self-empowerment through centering and grounding exercises.

Also, perhaps controlling the direction and energy of your dreaming patterns.

You may want to explore lucid dreaming or astral projection, so you can have more positive dream experiences. This helps you to overcome the possibility of bad dreams, which increases the capacity for light-infused dreams.

Of course, some negative dreams are meant to occur so we can learn the lessons. It’s important not to close yourself off entirely to this.

However, nightmares and bad dreams without deeper symbolism or meaning that can help you evolve are just negative patterns from your psyche replaying themselves (in the dream space). These are not useful, nor are they helpful.

To dream of a person chasing you

This dream signifies you’re running away from someone or someone is incredibly persistent at trying to harm you. Both can be true. Someone trying to kill or hurt you through a chase implies a sense of desperation.

This dream meaning suggests you might need to act urgently on a matter, or the other possibility is that your subconscious is showing you that- when the time comes- a tricky or dangerous situation will need your instant attention.

You will need to act swiftly and take action when this time comes. Be direct yet gentle, assertive yet loving, and wise and compassionate. Don’t give away your power.

No matter how much you may want to keep the peace, perhaps to the detriment of yourself, it’s important to not give into people-pleasing or overly compromising tendencies. Honor your own feelings and stay in control of the direction of the interaction.

If adaptability is called for, remember the message from the dream. Self-protection is key.

Finally, if you need to escape because you’re dealing with a real-life sociopath, psychopath, or abusive person who has no respect for your feelings, well-being, or emotions, leave the exchange.

Take this dream of someone chasing you as a precognitive warning sign; that you must escape! Do so with grace and self-love.

Dream symbolism of YOU trying to kill you

A unique dream symbolism of seeing yourself trying to kill yourself is common, at least once in your life. This dream represents a part of yourself trying to kill another part of yourself.

You may not be happy with some aspect of your personality, character, or public persona and image. This can be both positive and negative, positive when you’re trying to destroy a bad part of yourself.

It could also suggest a dual personality. You may be someone who alters between extremes, for example wanting a serious committed relationship in one moment and then changing to wanting to be free-spirited or (consciously) polyamorous.

You may crave stability and a home; security, and the next day, dream of traveling to faraway lands. This “back and to” yo-yo effect could be a regular occurrence.

You may have a dual personality by nature, never truly knowing what you want and being in tune with multiple aspects of yourself. In spiritual terms, you may call this the ‘personality of Godhead.’ (Hint: no, it’s not a personality disorder! It’s just being very multidimensional.)

Such dreams let you see deep into your psyche and determine your own dream meaning through the signs and symbolism conveyed.

Listen to your intuition and gut feelings on the matter while connecting to your Higher Self for guidance.

To Conclude

To dream of someone trying to kill you is a sign that not everything is perfect in your world. There is due to be some ending, whether that’s an emotional or psychological ending or a spiritual or physical one. Embrace the ending because death and destruction lead to rebirth.

Please feel free to consult other resources regarding this dream meaning, as this is one of the more complex and interesting articles on dream interpretation.

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